I’m Looking For Five Serious And Highly Motivated Therapists Who

Want To Make A Real Difference In Their Business In 2019

This opportunity will allow you to streamline your business to fill your business with your ideal clients, make you more money while you work less.
Read this information carefully and urgently… it is time sensitive and it will change everything about your business.
If you’re reading this then you fall into one of three categories…
1) You are just starting out as a therapist. You have a wall full of certificates but the phone just isn’t ringing. You feel frustrated as you really want to make a ‘go’ of being a therapist.
You love what you do but you just don’t have enough clients to make it a profitable business. You are highly skilled as a therapist but you are not sure ‘how’ to make money from your profession.
2) You have a successful business and you have lots of clients but you’re too busy treating them, to ‘run’ the business. If only you could get organised with your paperwork, appointment diary and your book-keeping so you could spend more time doing what you love which is ‘treating clients’. You are so busy all the time but you just don’t have any time for yourself. As you work for yourself you don’t want to turn clients away but you can’t carry on like this. You need to find the work-life balance that works better for you.
3) You are already established as a therapist running a successful and profitable clinic.
You may be asking yourself ‘what is next?’
You might want to open another practice or take on more staff.
You are at the stage when you want to streamline your business and make it more profitable and earn income even when you’re not working.
You need to get help working ‘on’ your business instead of working ‘in’ your business.
Whichever category you are in, I can help.
Over the past 19 years running my own Physiotherapy Clinic, I’ve mastered systems to let you create, build and profit from your therapy business, regardless of your speciality.
I have worked with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Holistic Practitioners, Personal Trainers and Coaches.

How Fast Can You Grow Your Therapy Business?

I have a unique system that enables therapists to create a thriving, efficient and profitable therapy business within 60 days and beyond very quickly.
Here are what others are saying about their work with me…
I have been absolutely thrilled at all the information & knowledge I am learning from and with you. I have completely changed my mindset about my practice, both clinically and for the business, something I believe I would never have achieved otherwise.

I have more confidence in myself clinically, realizing that the specialties I have chosen to pursue can have profound effects of other people’s lives and therefore how valuable it will be to offer these specialties to the right audiences so that as many can benefit as possible. I have understood my value much more, and appreciate the worth of many years of experience, ongoing training & subject knowledge development with a thirst to learn more and more.

Databases & communication tools have been identified and used, teaching me a method to easily disseminate helpful information to patients, and allow the practice to become the go-to place for relevant advice & treatment.

The weekly Skype meetings are ideal, giving me a chance to discuss issues with you and for you to go through with me the next few tasks to consider and do. I find the deadline that we set for the following week’s meeting a facilitator, motivator and provides priority! Thank you very much, Jayne!

Catherine Pollitt - Physiotherapist

Jayne Wells has played a major role in helping me to grow my multidisciplinary clinic to a team of 18. The approach Jayne uses is to get to the root of what really matters to you as a therapist. This focuses on individual strengths and enhances what you do well so that what attracted you to your profession in the first place comes to fruition. The Abundant Therapist approach bridges perfectly the gap between the Practitioner and the Business joining up the two harmoniously and effectively.
Kelley Waters – Osteopath

I found my session with Jayne really positive and informative. She made me feel at ease from the start and I felt able to ask questions when needed. Her methods and style were organised, simple and straightforward. I left feeling more focused and with a clearer idea of how to implement my plans going forward. I would thoroughly recommend Jayne and her business coaching.
Gabby Robinson – Wellness coach, Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor

I have known Jayne professionally for several years and during this time my business has gone from strength to strength. Jayne was with me at the start guiding me through the process of establishing my yoga and meditation practice. She provided me with sound, but firm advice to set out my business objectives. Together we then worked through my goals for the first 3, 6 and 12 months of business.

After 12 months we then sat down to review where the business was against these original objectives. Having succeeded in these, Jayne then gave me the encouragement to push myself even further. Without Jayne’s support, guidance and coaching I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this.

Alison Sambrook – Yoga and Meditation Practitioner

When I was starting out as a personal trainer Jayne helped me think of a business name, the branding for my business and set me up with a spreadsheet to track my incoming and outgoings. I couldn’t have started without her. Jayne is a brilliant coach – so supportive and knowledgeable. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone starting out or trying to improve his or her business. She is patient, generous and so helpful. Thank you, Jayne.
Sarah Powell – Personal Trainer

If you are struggling with building your business, Jayne has the experience, insight, and information which she will share with you to boost your confidence and make you believe YOU CAN DO IT!
Sarah Parkinson – Holistic Practitioner

Jayne’s advice has been invaluable to me. I’ve recently started my business and was feeling really overwhelmed with how to make it stand out from the competition and to retain clients. Each of Jayne’s tips has been priceless and I’ve seen a growth in revenue and happy clients pretty much from day one since working with her. Don’t wait around, work with Jayne as soon as you can as if you don’t, you’ll regret it!
Rebecca Ayres – Business Coach

Those are just a few of the therapists and business owners I have worked with over the years. One Osteopath streamlined her business so that her treatment rooms are now 95 percent occupied whereas before they were only 60 percent filled. Imagine what that has done to her profits!
So What’s The Secret?
How did all these therapists, from different specialties, with different experiences and backgrounds all go from start to successful extremely fast?
It’s simple.

They All Understood The Power Of Getting A MENTOR

Someone who can show them the right steps so they can avoid most of the mistakes that cost people years of pain, frustration, money down the drain and trial and error.
Someone who can give them specific instructions and the STRATEGY they need to achieve their financial goals.
Someone who can give them FEEDBACK so they know if they are heading in the right direction.
If you are still struggling right now and you’re still not making the kind of money you want with your business you can either…
Keep doing what you’re doing, ‘wing’ it, do more trial and error and hope that the next 12 months will be different.
Or work with a mentor who has a proven track record in helping people grow their business and get more clients, patients or customers than they have ever had in just 30 to 60 days.


This is the program for you if FAILURE is not an option and you want to double or even triple your business by the end of 2019…
Here’s how it works:
I’m looking for just a handful of serious and motivated therapists. If you qualify, you and I will work intensively together for the next 60 days.
It will start off with an IN-PERSON 1-on-1 VIP day that will enable me to get to know your situation in detail so we can create a custom plan specifically for YOU and YOUR business so that we leave no room for error. (If we can do the in person I have run these session virtually online but still just one on one with you)
Next, we’ll meet over the phone (It could also be on Skype or Online Meeting) every single week for 60 days straight so you can get constant direction, feedback and guidance that will virtually guarantee your success.
If you wish, I can also refer you to my technical team if you need any help with building or rebranding your website, creating your online marketing campaigns and setting up auto-responders (email messages that go out automatically). If you need help in that area, don’t worry. We can talk specifically about what you need.
During the following 12 months, you’ll also be invited to attend my live and in-person one-day coaching event.
Normally I charge up to £1,500 ($2,000) for this event. However, as a client, you will receive this for free as I want to make sure there is no reason why you won’t succeed when you and I are working together.
So, in summary…
We’ll leave no stone unturned and you’ll be given everything you need to seriously make the next 60 days of us working together the best 60 days ever in your business.
All you have to do is SHOW UP and take action with my accountability.
There is a LIMITED number just five places for this opportunity before I offer this out to a larger market at a higher investment.
If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that my offers sell out quickly so if you’re interested I HIGHLY recommend you take action now.
First send me an email and we’ll set time aside to have an initial chat on the phone to see if I can help you reach your goals and targets in 2019.
You can ask me any questions and if the coaching is ideal for you then we can discuss that further.
So… First of all…
Email me at: [email protected]
With the subject: “Count me in”
…and I’ll set up a call for us to have a chat to see if I can help you and if we are right to work together.
** And yes, there is an investment to join this program.
HOWEVER, I will NOT be selling anyone into this Mentoring Program. If I have to ‘sell’ anyone on the benefits, then they are not the right person to join us.
I will also be very straight with you. If I feel that this is not the right program for you I will tell you immediately and give you ideas you can take away and use in your business to help you where you are now.
I look forward to hearing from you.
To set up our informal chat to discuss how we can double or even triple your business in 2019; and create the business that serves YOU and your clients giving you the free time you deserve to enjoy your life. PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO:
With the subject: “Count me in”

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