Abundant Therapist: Take time to reflect

Down time is very important for us therapists. We spend our working lives treating and counselling and we deserve a break. Spending the holidays with loved ones – or enjoying time on your own – is non negotiable for me and it should be for you too.
Everyone’s idea of a holiday is different but no matter how we choose to spend time away from work, it is vital that we step back, put away the juggling balls that we try so hard to keep in the air for the rest of the year and relax.
I work hard so I can enjoy guilt-free holidays where I can devote myself to my family and enjoy some vital me-time.
That said, I always have a notebook in my beach bag or my computer close at hand in case I am struck by inspiration on how I can do things better.
As this summer holiday draws to a close, my refreshed mind is already thinking about my plan for the rest of the year.
My advice as you get back into the swing of your work life is to imagine where you want to be in one year’s time.
Are you plodding along when you should be taking great strides in your business life? Are you overworked, overstressed and without guidance?
There is nothing like a few weeks’ relaxation to focus the mind on where you want to be. Many of the therapists I have coached have told me that their ‘lightbulb’ moment has come not when they are working flat-out, treating clients but when they are physically and emotionally removed from their clinic.
It may be when they are walking on a beach, relaxing in the garden with the family or visiting friends.
These are the times when we can look objectively at our day-to-day life and wonder if we have got the balance right.
In September I am launching my new, targeted telephone coaching system. The system will allow me to talk you through changes that you need to make to ease your workload while boosting profits and raising your profile. With my help, you will become the go-to therapist in your area.
During these last few weeks of the holidays, spend a few minutes thinking about where you want your therapy business to be in 12 months’ time.
When you get back to work, I will be ready to talk to you about how we can achieve it.
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The e-book is an introduction to my tried and tested methods of business coaching, developed by me, a therapist, for therapists like you.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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