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I’m starting a new Therapy Business Accelerator Case Study Group this month and I’m looking for a handful of people to work with to create successful case studies before our official launch of the Therapy Business Accelerator Program.

As you know, as well as running my busy physiotherapy clinic, I mentor and consult one-to-one with therapists running their own business, however…

A lot of therapists still need help to start or accelerate their own business and as such didn’t fit the criteria for Mentoring or Consultancy. (My mistake!)


I have decided to work with a SMALL group of therapists who are keen to drive their business forwards, whether they are a start-up or already treating clients.

I’m going to start this case study group over the next couple of months, beginning next week.

Here are some of the topics we will cover:


We will start by looking at exactly where you are in your business and where you want to be. We will identify what you want from your business and then set up the steps to enable you to create your ideal business, treat your favourite clients, make more profit, whilst generating more time off.

Also, In this section we will talk about how you can be the person that everyone talks about when they are looking for a particular therapist, becoming the ‘go to’ person in your market.


Once you know the exact business you want, we can talk about finding your ideal clients to fill your practice. Regardless of whether you are a start-up and finding your first clients or you want to attract more high-paying clients, the techniques will work for both. In this section we will go through how to find clients offline, your marketing message, business cards, networking and other ways to tell future clients about the services you offer.


Next we’ll talk all about marketing online with various methods including your website (if you have one) social media, emailing your clients and blogs. This can be really enjoyable as well as very profitable if you get this section right.


We will then go through my proven techniques to turn prospects into paying clients. I show you the exact script that I use which has helped me run a full clinic for the past 12 years. Many therapists find this difficult in their business but once I show you how to do it easily and effectively, you will never look back.


Next comes one of my favourite subjects – how to retain clients. How to make clients feel special, how to build a unique and lasting relationship with them so they feel nurtured and recommend their friends to you. It’s about developing loyalty so clients will return to you year after year. Not only is this great for your profits, it is recognition that you’re doing a fantastic job.


We then dive into the running of the business, the systems behind running a seamless, efficient and productive clinic. We will discover the systems that are needed to become an effective and professional business owner. These are easy to implement and will enable you to run the business more on automatic which will allow you time to work on developing your clinic or to take more time off to enjoy life.


The last section is all about developing a winning mindset for success. We will talk about what might have held you back in the past and some easy to implement strategies to help you create your ideal business. You will love this section; it will help you to focus on what you need to do in your business to really drive it forward.

Any one of the sections above can give you and your business the boost it needs, whether you’re just starting out or have an already established therapy business and want to grow it further.

In the next couple of months I will be working with a SMALL group personally. I only want to work with a handful of highly motivated therapists who can implement, test and report back on their results.


…..if you need any help with the technical side of things like building a website or setting up social media then I can introduce you to my technical team who will be able help you. Don’t let tech hold you back.

The reason I’m doing this is to create a group of successful case studies I can refer back to when we launch the Therapy Business Accelerator Program fully (at a significantly higher investment).

I’m ready to get started next week and I’m inviting you to join the case study team.

Here’s how it will work …

Each week an online training module will be released for you to go through at your own pace.

We’ll then get together (online) once a week as a group to talk about it, brainstorm specific points for you and your business and explore how you can implement them for fast results.

You can ask ANY questions along the way in my specially formed private Facebook group. You will not only get MY help but help from the small mini-type Mastermind group we will have as this case study group.

I REALLY want to create some GREAT case studies from this group and as such I’ll even be spending one-on-one time with you to make sure we maximise your results.

The more you take action and implement the more help I can give you.

Listen, we’ll be working closely together so I want to make sure you have some time available over the next couple of months to dedicate to this program. It doesn’t have to be hours and hours each day BUT you will need to put time in of course.

The total cost for this unique opportunity is £997 ($1297) or three monthly payments of £335 ($447), which is one now and the remaining two spread 30 days apart.


…for now I just need to know if you can join us and I’ll get all the details sent over to you.

I’d love to work with you.

Simply reply and say – I’m In – and I’ll take it from there.


As well as everything that is included in this special training I would like to also send you my full Fill Your Practice System, which enabled me to fill my own practice from no clients to full in six months when I first opened my clinic (retails at £127 0r $147). I still use these techniques today to keep my clinic consistently full.

Also I want to offer you a one-to-one 30 minute call with me to help you individually with your own business. I normally only make calls with my Consultancy clients so this will be a great way to answer your specific questions and really help you to drive your business forward.


…Simply reply to this email and say – I’m In – and I’ll take it from there.

Abundantly yours,

PS This will be a SMALL group to enable us to work together, grow your business and benefit from a mini Mastermind with your fellow members in our private Facebook group.

Let’s make this an exciting and rewarding few months for you.

Reply with – I’m in – and I’ll send you the details.

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