Think of how you can find more clients.

Abundant Therapist: Think outside the box to find new clients

You need to think outside the box to find new clients and the New Year is a great time to test out new strategies.

Here’s a tip. Find out if any of your clients or their families or friends have big celebrations planned later this year.

A friend of mine works with a lady who is to be married in the autumn. I know it is many months away but a lot of planning goes into weddings and we therapists can play a vital role in the run-up to the big day.

The bride-to-be is loving her wedding preparations, but with a busy career it recently got all too much for her.

Trying to please both sets of families while staying true to your own vision of your wedding day is a juggling act like no other.

This is where we can help. As a therapist, we can offer some much needed downtime. An hour of relaxation, recuperation and regeneration for brides-to-be.

When you are planning your marketing strategy for the year, remember to tap into big life events like weddings.

Offer pamper packages for brides, wedding attendants, the mothers. And don’t forget the bridegroom! These can be single treatments or a course which will take them up to the wedding day.

It is not just beauty therapists who should be on speed dial for brides – Reiki, reflexology and even physical trainers can be of enormous benefit.

Think outside the box when you are trying to find new clients.

This and other essential advice for filling your practice is the essence of my training manual for all therapists.

I can help you fill your appointment diary without spending on expensive advertising.

When I opened my clinic I went from having an empty diary to being fully booked in a matter of months. My success led me to develop my Abundant Therapist coaching methods.

For a taste of how I can help you, pop your email in the box on this page and I will send you my free e-book which tells you all about my referrals and recommendations system.


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