Abundant Therapist:Time for a six month stock take!

Do you regularly take stock of what you are achieving in your therapy business?

If you are serious about treating more patients and making more money you need to analyse everything about your clinic.

We are almost halfway through 2019 and I find a six-monthly review is vital.

Have a look at your appointment system. Do evening slots get snapped up? Are there some appointment times that are hard to fill.

Use this information to plan your week. Why not try to schedule more evening appointments?

This will be difficult if you have family commitments. But if you know you could fill them, it could be worth paying for childcare to cover popular appointment times.

Now is also a good time to check over your utility bills. Can you find a cheaper, more efficient provider?

The halfway point of the year is also a good time to look at your clinic as a whole. Ask yourself “are you still enjoying being a therapist?”

Of course working for ourselves is hard work but we need motivation and passion for our specialty to treat our patients well.

If you are finding work a struggle, ask yourself if your clinic needs re-direction. For example, are you treating your niche clients, the patients you can really help?

If you are an expert in sport injuries like me but are not reaching these patients, perhaps you need to rethink your marketing.

This need not be expensive. A revamp of your website and business cards to really focus on sports injuries will work. Couple this with building a network amongst sports and leisure specialists in your area – like personal trainers and sports coaches – and the patients will come to you.

Sometimes it is daunting to take a long, hard look at our business operation but it is vital.

If you feel something is not working, it is time to make changes.

Set yourself a six-month target and review your progress at the end of the year.

As always, I am here to advise and support. My Abundant Therapist coaching programme can help you re-focus your clinic and find your niche patients.

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