Abundant Therapist:Use Awareness Days to find more clients

Later this week we celebrate Valentine’s Day, surely the cleverest marketing strategy ever!

Sales of flowers and chocolates sky-rocket and restaurants are rammed as we all buy into this annual display of love and affection.

Valentine’s Day is a triumph of marketing and probably not an event many therapy owners can buy into to increase business.

But if you run a therapy business, there are plenty of other awareness days you can hitch your specialty to.

In the UK, we have the big ones like national No Smoking Day and Breast Cancer Awareness month. There are also dozens of other special events, many organised by charities, that therapists can become involved in.

In the UK in June, there is a Massage at Work week. If you are a massage therapist or an osteopath, this awareness week is a terrific way to raise your profile and find new clients.

Why not contact some of the biggest employers in your area and offer free, five minute sessions.

The skin condition psoriasis is the subject of an awareness month in August. The event is designed to get more people talking about the condition. It also encourages sufferers to explore holistic, dietary and complementary therapies that may help them.

Use your social media platforms to talk about the condition and showcase the therapies you offer that can help. Mention these awareness days to your clients. They may have friends or family members who suffer.

In September, the UK’s celebrates National Spa Week. This marketing event is designed to let more people know about the emotional and physical benefits of taking some down-time.

All these events and more can become part of your marketing strategy. All you need to do is spend some time investigating forthcoming annual campaigns and awareness days and plan them into your strategy.

You may want to offer some free therapies at a charity event or you may just want to talk about the awareness day on your social media.

Whatever you choose, be part of the conversation. These events are always backed up with national press advertising and editorial and being a part of awareness days will keep you relevant, widen your therapy network and bring in more clients.

As always, I am here if you want more advice on finding more clients and making more money.

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