Do you have a presence at local events to help you build your business?

Abundant Therapist: Find new clients at social events.

My village has just celebrated the big social event of the year – the village fete.

It is fabulous coming together of people from all walks of life and is the kind of event that happens around the country, around the world, when the sun shines.

As a therapist, you should have a presence at community events.

You don’t have to run a stall or take out advertising in a show programme but you need to show people you are part of the fabric of the community.

You need to be the go-to therapist in your area, whether it is for physiotherapy, reflexology, personal training, beauty services or complementary therapies like Reiki.

Among the crowds at these events are people who need your help. They need to know how to find you.

I enjoy going out into the community and meeting old friends and clients. More often than not, they will introduce me to other people and some of these will need a physiotherapist.

Remember to put some business cards in your pocket or your bag and, without intending to, you have carried out some very soft marketing while meeting new people and having fun. The people you meet will quickly become your new clients.

Clients feel so much more comfortable if they come to you from a personal recommendation and social and community events are the ideal places to meet new people and build your business.

Becoming the go-to person is one of the three pillars of myTherapy Business Accelerator (TBA) programme which will make your profits soar and bring your work and home life into balance.

With my help, you will find new clients effortlessly and people will recommend you to their friends, ensuring your appointment diary is always full.

To join me on my TBA programme pop your name and email in the box on this page and I will send you a free ebook  ‘The 3 mistakes that therapists make in their business by not using a recommendations system and ….how to fix them!

From then you can join my private Facebook page for therapists that are already working with me on my TBA  programme.

I look forward to working with you.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,





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