Abundant Therapist: A well-deserved break!

One of the things many self-employed therapists worry about is going on holiday or taking time off.

Well, let me assure you that you will be a better and more profitable therapist if you prioritise your time off.

Do you look at your diary at the beginning of the year and plan ahead or do you just take it a week at a time?

I have school-age children so my life revolves around term times and their holidays which go straight into my diary in the New Year along with family events, public holidays and the like.

I then plan my heavy working weeks to coincide with school days and organise a lighter load when they are at home.

I always give myself a minimum of six weeks holiday a year. How many weeks do you give yourself?

Believe me, you are more productive if you factor in downtime, and I have found that the more holidays you take, the more productive you are.

I have spoken to many therapists who are afraid to take time off because they will have no income over these weeks. Let me share how I resolve this issue.

I work out how much money I need to earn in one year. But to work out how much I need to bring in each week, I do not divide that sum by 52 weeks, but by 46.

So when I go on holiday I do not feel guilty because I have accounted for the loss of income in my 46-week plan. I work slightly harder and bring in more during the 46 weeks so I can have a guilt-free six-week break.

This will work for you. Calculate how much income you need over the year and how much time off and you will be able to afford your break.

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