Abundant Therapist – VIP day

I have had a busy but very enjoyable weekend helping a physiotherapist to success with my VIP Consultancy Day training.

I really enjoy meeting fellow therapists and celebrating their successes while getting to grips with the challenges they face.

When I arrive for a VIP consultancy, I find therapists are so relieved to share the burden of improving their business.

Often, making the phone call to ask me for help is the hardest part. But once a therapist has made that commitment, they are on the fast track to more clients and bigger profits.

I always tell my coaching clients that working with me can be hard work but it is always fun. And the reason that it is fun is that it brings fast rewards.

So if you are serious about turning around your clinic, please consider booking me for a VIP Consultancy Day.

What can you expect? Well, we will spend a day together during which time I will ask lots and lots of questions! These will be about your clients, your booking system, how much money you are making and how many hours you work.

I need to find out where your business is right now – and where you want it to be in three, six and 12 months’ time.

Your personal vision for your therapy business is key to setting realistic financial, marketing and strategic goals.

My methods are all about finding a work/life balance for you. I will not impose anything on you that you cannot achieve.

The VIP package is all about you – you are the most important person in your business. We will set goals and targets that are completely individual to your circumstances.

You need to know that my VIP coaching is not a “one-size fits all” training session. It is tailored to you with the aim of creating a business plan that is totally personal to your business.

Keeping on track is vital. It is all too easy to slip back into old ways. So I will be in touch every week for two months after our day together.

That means we will have eight weekly chats where you can seek further guidance and reassurance and ask more questions.

By booking a VIP Consultancy Day with me you create your own bespoke business. It puts you back in charge of your business and your life. You set the goals you can achieve and you will make the money you deserve.

Give me a call now and we can put a date in the diary. I look forward to working with you.

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