Abundant Therapist: When to Talk

I have talked to you already about getting the colour scheme right, making sure the room smells fresh and the towels are fluffy.
Believe me, clients notice – and comment on – a calm, tranquil room that is a perfect setting for a therapy session.
But creating the perfect setting is not just about the decor, it is about the vibe you, as a therapist, radiate.
A client of mine recently shared her experiences of a therapy session she had undergone elsewhere.
She said she found it hard to evaluate if her therapy had done her shoulder any good, because her head was spinning from the endless chatter from the therapist.
Of course, we all talk to our clients. It is essential to find out their problems. We want to get to know them as people so we can help them.
However, my client’s experience is an important lesson in when the chat goes too far.
At the end of her session, my client knew all about her therapist’s divorce, trouble with her in-laws and discrepancies about the rental cost of her clinic.
In short, the therapist was unburdening her problems – rather than listening to and helping her clients.
As therapists we all have busy lives and challenges, but it is essential to leave these at the door of the clinic and concentrate on our clients.
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