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Abundant Therapist – Where do you find your clients?

When I first opened my physiotherapy clinic, I did not know where to find my first client.

I didn’t have any money to spend on expensive advertising. I knew I had to make my presence known but did not know how to start.

I had heard that the best way of finding clients was by word-of-mouth¬†recommendations but I wasn’t sure how to start.

I built up slowly, getting more and more referrals and before I knew it, 99 per cent of my clients were from personal recommendations.

I spent a lot of time getting to know other therapists in my area. Instead of seeing them as competitors, I saw them as collaborators.

Over the years, I have built up such an amazing network of other therapists and we refer clients to each other, depending on our specialties. I never have problems finding clients.

This is why I was asked to write my Fill Your Practice System book, to help other therapists who are starting out.

All the details of my Fill Your Practice With Lovely Recommendations and Referrals can be found on the link below.

I have devised a step-by-step plan which is easy to follow and use in your clinic. You can use my method to find your clients without spending money on expensive advertising which does not actually work.

My referral system means that my phone rings constantly and I know where every single client comes from. My method will work for you.

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