Abundant Therapist: Why it’s smart to outsource

If you are spending more time worrying about your business than treating patients, you might want to consider outsourcing.

Are you one of the many therapists I meet struggling to manage admin, marketing and invoicing?

If you feel like you cannot find any more hours in the day to grow your business, it could be time to outsource.

I know you might think this sounds expensive. But paying someone to take some of the load can be a money-maker.

I employ someone to handle the financial and admin side of my business.

I just do not have time to send out and chase up bills, speak to insurance companies and shop around for the best deals on credit card machines and utility bills.

You may not want to take on staff so why not investigate an external invoicing company?

I have spoken before about how valuable I think appointments systems are.

It’s the same with accounting systems. Have a look online and see what deals are available.

As therapists we need to be treating patients, not dealing with paperwork.

If you feel like you are swamped with admin please do not struggle on alone.

My Abundant Therapy coaching methods have been designed for therapists like you and are easy to implement.

My methods will give you back time so you can earn more money treating patients.

I can also help you find the best outsourcing companies for your own therapy business.

There is absolutely no point struggling on alone when there are systems out there to help.

If you want to find out how other therapists have solved their admin problems why not get in touch.

Send me your email and I will send you an invitation to join my private Facebook group.

In the group I answer questions from therapists and we all share advice and our experiences.

If you are feeling burdened, get in touch and share the load.

It will be the first step to taking back control of your therapy business and making more money.



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