Abundant Therapist: Why volunteering is a win-win situation

The first week in June is Volunteers Week in the UK.  The event celebrates the work of volunteers and also publicises volunteering opportunities.

You may be interested in taking part but when you are busy running a therapy clinic you may well ask ‘do I really have the time to help out others for free?”

Don’t feel bad about thinking that – it’s a natural response.

Remember that many of the wonderful community and education opportunities we have only operate because of volunteers.

So if you can spare just a few hours it will benefit your community and even boost your own business.

Volunteering is another way of building a network.

I volunteer at a school to help students who are considering a medical career.

It doesn’t take up much of my time, it is enjoyable and worthwhile and I have met other medical professionals in my area.

So I am giving a little bit back and networking.

When we work alone in our therapy businesses, it is very important to get out and meet others and volunteering is a great way to do this.

You do not have to commit to hours and hours each month. You could offer your services at sporting or community events as a one-off or you could get in touch with a charity.

Many cancer charities have ‘pamper days’ where patients are treated to massage, reflexology and facials free of charge.

If you are an aesthetic therapist, why not sign up?

Volunteering is about being part of a community and giving something back.

An added bonus is we meet more people, explain our skills and the treatments we offer and hopefully meet more patients who could benefit from our expertise.

If you have taken part in any community events, I would love to hear about it.

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