Abundant Therapist: Why you must respond to new patient queries fast

Is there one quick way I can improve my therapy clinic? That’s a question I am often asked by therapists who sign up for my coaching.

Of course, there is no such thing as a quick fix. You need to build solid and stable systems into your business operation to make good money.

But as an experiment, I want you to try this for the next month or six weeks. Review your booking system and make a pledge to yourself that you will respond to every new query within 24 hours.

That will mean checking and responding to emails and voicemail more regularly. If you work on your own, this can be demanding.

But if a potential client has contacted you, getting back speedily will show commitment, interest and professionalism.

You might want to reserve a slot in your weekly diary for new patients. That means you can offer an appointment within a couple of days of the first inquiry.

Put yourself in the patient’s position. They may be in discomfort and some degree of anxiety if they are seeking physiotherapy.

They may have been recommended to you. That’s why you have to live up to your reputation and respond to them speedily.

Think back to your own experiences. Have you ever telephoned or emailed for an appointment at a clinic, whether medical or complementary, and not heard back.

You spend the first day or so hoping, then you look elsewhere.

You need to establish contact with all potential clients fast, even if it is a phone conversation prior to an appointment. Do not let them take their business elsewhere.

Once you have tried this experiment, I am sure fast response times will become one of your must-have systems.

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