Abundant Therapist: How to ensure your patients book follow-up appointments

Do you run a follow-up system at your clinic? Do you check in with your patients routinely to ask how they are doing and see if they want another appointment?

Making sure you always contact a patient after a therapy appointment is a habit you must get into to.  Follow up calls reassure the patient of your interest and professionalism. Importantly, they also give you the chance to offer them their next appointment.

All you need to do is to send a quick text or email asking how they are after the treatment and asking when, not if, they want to book their next appointment.

The follow up is a great technique to employ to keep your diary full but it also works to keep regular clients happy.

If you know you have a busy period coming up, you need to contact your regular clients, explain that appointments are filling up fast and offer them a slot.

Many successful businesses use follow up systems – and most clients don’t even realise.

Think of your hair salon. From September they encourage regular clients to book for the busy Christmas/New Year period.

How about your online grocery shop? You are probably being prompted now in November to book a holiday delivery slot.

So make sure you leave time during the working week to carry out your own follow up calls.

It is an easy technique which I guarantee will bring in money. You can make it even easier by setting up an automated email follow-up system.

Setting up a foolproof follow up system is one of the foundations of my successful clinic.

Try it and you will be amazed how many patients respond by booking another appointment. 

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