Abundant Therapist: Your Reputation Counts

I recently visited a world-famous spa with a friend. It was a special treat and was very expensive.
We were so looking forward to it but I have to tell you, it was a massive disappointment.
The only phrase I could think of, as I searched for a manager to complain to about the dirty room, was that this renowned establishment was trading on its laurels, it wasn’t bothering to keep trying.
I thought about this when I got back to work. My clinic is well-respected and my clients mostly arrive through word-of-mouth. But how can I make sure that I do not become complacent and take for granted what I have worked so hard for.
I set about devising a couple of easy actions to make sure that I review my work from time to time with a critical eye.
I try to step back and analyse everything about my business, from the atmosphere and decor of my treatment room, to my website and booking system to the follow-up procedures I have in place.
I know I am doing well – but could I do better? Have I let things slip?
Am I learning and growing in my business?
These are all questions we need to ask ourselves to keep on top of our game.
We never want to be the clinic that people say has ‘gone downhill’.
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