Abundant Therapist: Awareness Weeks

I believe forward planning can make the different between a successful clinic or practice and one that is struggling.
I have spoken to you before about my love for the New Year. A time of looking forward to exciting challenges and letting go of experiments or routines in your business that just did not work that well.
I have discussed how I plan my diary and how I schedule my working life around my family to maximise my income while maintaining a balance.
You can schedule how you market your business too by tapping into the many awareness weeks or promotions that take place throughout the year.
These activities are run by many organisations, by the NHS in the UK for example or by charities or agencies.
Every March in the UK, the non-smoking message is reinforced by No Smoking Day.
There are also back pain awareness weeks, foot health awareness months and mental health weeks held throughout the year to name but a few.
My dentist recently was giving out information leaflets about mouth cancer awareness month.
Perhaps you could offer introductory sessions for new clients to link into these awareness months or take part in health promotion events in your area?
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