Back Pain Whilst Gardening

Abundant Therapist: Help for gardeners – and brides!

The summer flowers in all the gardens where I live are a feast for the eyes.

But it takes a lot of hard-work to create horticultural harmony — literally back-breaking work.

When I worked as a physiotherapist at a prestigious golf course, it was easy for players to find me if they were in pain and needed help.

As a therapist running a small clinic, it should be easy for potential clients to find you, whatever your speciality.

If you specialise in physical therapy or reflexology, why not speak to your local independent garden centre. A few well-placed business cards by the till will catch the eyes of gardeners who may have overdone the digging.

We are also well into wedding season. Brides-to-be should be blooming – but the stress of the big day can take the shine off the most beautiful bride.

Contact independent hat, shoe and wedding dress shops near you and ask if you can leave some business cards on their counter. Mothers of the bride, bridesmaids and brides-to-be are often looking for treatments in the run-up to the big day.

If you are a beauty therapist or offer calming and healing services like massage therapy or reflexology, these customers need to know how you can help them prepare.

Talk to businesses in your area. Work together and you will find you both profit.

Therapists like you need to be part of a network. Working in isolation is demoralising and also unprofitable. You need to be the go-to therapist in your area so your appointment book is always full. One of the main ways of achieving this is becoming well-known in your community.

Therapists like you are already working with me on my Therapy Business Accelerator (TBA) programme to find how to increase profits by working less – that’s right, by working fewer hours.

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Until the next time.


Abundantly yours




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