Abundant Therapist: Back Pain in Golf awareness week

This week is Backcare Awareness Week in the UK.

The week-long national campaign run by backcare.org.uk aims to provide information and support for sufferers of back pain.

The organisation’s patron is HRH The Prince of Wales who suffers from lower back pain.

The awareness week is a great idea and I really believe therapists should get onboard and spread the message about caring for our backs.

This year’s theme is Back Pain in Golf – a subject I know a great deal about.

As a physiotherapist, many of my patients are sports people who have suffered injuries. And golfers are frequent visitors to my clinic.

If you are a physiotherapist, an osteopath or a massage therapist why not get on board with Back Pain Week? You can do this through your social media or in person.

You know I believe in building networks and an awareness week like Back Pain in Golf is a great incentive to get down to your local golf club.

Introduce yourself to the staff and perhaps offer a special appointment deal for golfers this month.

Offer a voucher for a raffle prizes – golf clubs are always holding fundraising events! Offer free shoulder massages if they are having a social evening or just attend to ask questions.

Just get your name known so they know there is a local specialist who can help keep them in top physical condition.

Remember, you need to be the ‘go to’ therapist in your area. Supporting awareness weeks is a wonderful way to connect with your community.

Give up an afternoon or an evening to share your expertise and you will reap the rewards, trust me.


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