Abundant Therapist – Business Cards

Are business cards still relevant in this digital age? Are they still important in the world of work where everyone is online?

Well, I think they are because I use my business cards all the time. At the end of a session, I make sure I always write the details of my client’s next appointment on one of my cards.

On my cards I obviously have my name, my qualifications and my contact details, my phone number, email and clinic address as well as my website address. I give that out to my client when I first see them so they have many ways of contacting me.

People pop it in their wallet and it means if they have one, they can recommend you to their friends by getting out the card.

Your clients may recommend your treatments in conversation with friends. However if your client can present your business card, the recommendation is reinforced. Rather than saying “my therapist is really good, you should see her”, the client can actually say “look, here she is, this is her business card, this is her address, give her a ring.” The potential client can copy your details into their phone, take a photograph of your card or – even better – take a spare card if you have given your client a few to take away.

My clients often put their appointments directly into their phone or online calendar but I still write out the appointment on a card and hand it to them. That way they have both.

Business cards are an important tool, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them and they are another way of marketing your therapy business.

Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,



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