Abundant Therapist – Insight into VIP training

You may know that I offer VIP business training days, but I thought you might like a taste of what happens when I come to call!

I recently worked with a personal trainer who was in need of some advice and support. This is an idea of a bit of the work we did together to improve her business.

We started with her diary. I asked her to show me a week in her life by putting into her diary her clients’ appointments, her own social events, her family commitments, even the time she spends shopping or going to the gym.

She did this for one whole week which enabled me to see exactly how she was spending her time. I analysed her week to see if there were any gaps, was she wasting time between appointments, was she maximising her work time to free up family time?

I wanted to know if she clustered her clients together. Was she giving herself time to market her business, did she factor in any time to sit down and come up with ideas for the future of her business?

When we had established what she did and when, we put a monetary value on each appointment time. These varied depending on whether they were private or group sessions.

By doing this we could see how much she was earning and when and start to ask the question ‘is this what you want to be earning?’

When I work with a client on a VIP day I analyse their working life to see if I can make them more productive in a shorter time. That means working smarter for more money with more time off.

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Until the next time.

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