Fill Your Practice with lovely Recommendations and Referrals.

After months of writing and tweaking and perfecting my ‘Fill Your Practice‘ system – it is ready!!

I share with you exactly how I have successfully filled my business with lovely new clients all of the time.

I believe that, as professional therapists, we don’t want to come across too pushy in our marketing as that does not work in our field of expertise. Instead I show you gentle ways of building up such a successful practice that clients will not be able to wait to tell their friends about you.

Everything that I teach I use everyday in my busy Physiotherapy clinic. I will show you how I do it, so you just need to copy my system for yourself.

There are a number of different learning tools within the system. There is the  ‘Fill Your Practice‘ system as a pdf download and the full audio version of the book. I have designed a workbook which complements the system, with plenty of room for you to complete and make it personal to your practice, including a therapists’ contact sheet. I am interviewed by Neil Stafford about how the system works and there is a full transcript of the interview for you to read if you prefer.

I have also founded the Abundant Therapist Academy to create a place for therapists to learn and work alongside other highly-motivated therapists wanting to build their own ideal businesses. I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.

All of this is being offered for the price of just one new client – £49. Imagine if you followed my recommendations and attracted one or five or 10 new clients to your practice every week or every month, what would that be worth to you over the year?

Take a look at the webpage for more details.

So until the next time,

Abundantly yours



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