Abundant Therapist: Are you making enough money?

The run-up to Christmas should be the busiest time of year for us therapists – and the most profitable.
If you are running a complementary health or beauty business, you will understand that clients want to feel and look their best for the festive season.
So I really hope your appointment diary is full and you are anticipating a hectic, but extremely profitable, few months.
If your diary is not full, if you have spare appointments, something has gone wrong with your business planning.
At my Abundant Therapy coaching sessions, I encourage all therapists to plan ahead for maximum profit. I want you to reap the rewards of your skills.
Busy and profitable clinics do not materialise out of thin air. They are the result of a carefully honed strategy.
This is the challenge faced by many of the therapists who come to me for help. They have wonderful skills in their chosen field, but are just not business people.
Does this sound like you?
Let me help you realise your earning potential. I am a highly successful therapist and an extremely effective and goal-driven business coach.
I have developed a new coaching method which I guarantee will help you get ahead – whether you are just starting out or long-established.
On my website you will see that I have developed three virtual therapists or avatars. They represent the three stages of growth of any therapy business.
I call these virtual therapists Start-up Sally, Prosperous Penny and Entrepreneur Ellen to make it easier for therapists like you to identify with my business coaching methods.
I want you to decide which category you fall into and then ask yourself another question.
Can I afford to continue in business without expert advice and guidance?
Don’t hesitate, you know the answer. You have trained as a therapist but you need help with running your business to enable you to bring in the money. I am the person to help you.
Get in touch by popping your email in the box on this page and I will send you a free e-book which will give you an insight into my coaching methods.
Then I will invite you to join my private Facebook page for therapists just like you.
Then the work starts to turn your business into the successful, highly-profitable clinic you know it can be.
Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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