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Abundant Therapist – Making your client feel special

Today I would like you to consider how you make your client feel special.

Now I am a strong believer in delivering really excellent customer service.

It is one of the three core values of my Abundant Therapy coaching system, which I have developed for therapists like us.

A client will come to you, often quite vulnerable, often feeling quite nervous about meeting you for the first time, not knowing what to expect.

As therapists, it is our responsibility to make that client feel very special, nurtured and cared for in a very professional and friendly manner.

I really make it my business to make sure that each client feels great.

You need to make sure to listen to your client, empathising with them and really try to work out what their problem is.

As a therapist you can then use your skill set to help them, making them feel special and ensuring they enjoy and appreciate the treatment.

Have a think about how you make your client feel special. Think about the little things you do. Is the room the right temperature, are they cold and need a blanket, is the lighting right?

Have a think about all these little ‘background’ elements that are part of the treatment experience. Get these right and your client will feel they have been treated as an individual and will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Don’t forget, if you make them feel special they will recommend you to their friends.

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Until the next time.

Abundantly yours,


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